Chasing Sunrise: Life as an INFJ

I woke up very early this first morning at Seacrest Beach as I always do. Even though we are on a brief vacation and I should perhaps luxuriate in this rare opportunity to sleep in, I guess my mind is primed to not want to miss a moment of our short and precious time here.

I love to watch the sun begin to make its climb seemingly from the depths of the ocean itself, the gift of a new day, of new possibilities. As I took my long early morning walk it felt as if I was chasing the sunrise, and it occurred to me that that concept was sort of a metaphor for my life. I seem to always be chasing after something elusive, something bigger and better, not focused enough on enjoying the right now or perhaps just too much inside my own head- and then all of a sudden the sun has risen, light fills the sky, life is happening all around me and it seems my life is flying by. I don’t mean that in a negative way; just a realization that I need to be living more in the moment. Camp Gainey…

Being at the beach is giving me the opportunity to read more and my creative juices are flowing after feeling frozen for quite some time. I’ve been reading more about my Myers Briggs personality type; I’m an INFJ (Introversion-Intuition-Feeling-Judging)- as is Dan- the rarest type…less than 3% of people. So much about myself makes sense to me now that never did before. I read the characteristics and laugh and shake my head…I tell Dan, “Hey- we’re not crazy after all- it’s our personality type.” Okay, not completely crazy, at least.

According to Myers-Briggs:


Seek meaning and connection in ideas, relationships, and material possessions. Want to understand what motivates people and are insightful about others. Conscientious and committed to their firm values. Develop a clear vision about how best to serve the common good. Organized and decisive in implementing their vision.”

Some INFJ tendencies:

While I don’t think the world is doomed and hope to goodness that I am never passive aggressive, I see myself reflected in everything else on the list. I understand why I feel such a need to recharge and why it is so difficult for me to be in the moment (though yoga has helped a lot with that). It’s good to acknowledge these traits- not to use them as a crutch, but to know myself, know when not to beat myself up about something that is just a part of who my authentic self is. Also, it can help me identify areas for continued growth…another drive for an INFJ.

We enjoyed s wonderful dinner sitting at the bar of Borago’s, one of our favorite restaurants to visit while we are at the beach. In a truly “it’s a small world” moment, we were sitting next to two couples from Birmingham and enjoyed getting to talk about home. That’s the reason we love to sit at the bar of a great restaurant to eat; you can be in your own little world or choose to engage those next to you in brief conversations…good for those of us introverts out there.

We have two full days of this adventure left. I can’t even begin to express how much our trip is helping me mentally and spiritually. If only I could bottle this whole experience.

And now it is time for my walk, another chance to chase a sunrise at this beautiful piece of paradise. Today I’ll make a point to be in the moment in all its glory.

8 thoughts on “Chasing Sunrise: Life as an INFJ

  1. As a fellow INFJ, I understand how liberating, and comforting, it can be, to finally know that there
    are others out there, just like us. 😊💜

    1. It truly is, Catherine. After fifteen years together, I just discovered recently that Dan is also an INFJ…now it makes sense why being with him is so easy. 😊❤️

  2. Hope you get well rested and recharged on your beach break. When I read of all you have on your plate, I just don’t know how you do it! Funny, I’m an INFJ too. I can remember from early childhood, my Mom telling me I was too sensitive about everything. I grew up thinking it was a real flaw in my character, but now I am thankful for the empathy I feel for others, and the sensitivity I have in dealing with others. It has turned out to be a gift I would not trade for anything. Take care, Denise, and have a wonderful time in the sun.

    1. Lynn, thank you so much for your comment, my fellow INFJ. I completely agree with you- I would much rather go through being too sensitive to be able to feel empathy for others. ❤️

  3. ISTJ here – I can appreciate the INFJ group as I have tendencies in common… Your get away sounds lovely and seems to have provided the opportunity for “deep thoughts”.

  4. I know where you’re coming from with the living in the moment. I am a INFJ too & married to a INFJ…We wonder if we’re the only crazies out there too, lol…As for the more negative INFJ traits, I often wonder if they was thought up by another personality type who has no understanding of us INFJ’s…The photo’s are beautiful x

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