And She Fell From the Sky

And she fell from the sky,

A comet’s tail blazing behind her,

after daring to dream and reach for faraway stars.

But in falling, a miraculous thing happened as she plummeted to the earth below;

Strength and courage flooded through her,

her wings unfurled,

lifting her back up into the sky

to far greater heights than she had ever dreamed,

her star shining with the brilliance of a thousand suns,


5 thoughts on “And She Fell From the Sky

  1. Sounds like a recurring dream I have – I jump or get pushed off a cliff/tower/balcony and as I’m falling I brace for the impact. Instead of hitting rocks/ground/roof top, I soar upward at the last second and I fly! We often learn to fly like the fledgling bird pushed from the nest…

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