‘Neath the facade of this successful, together woman

is a crumbling interior;

a tower of doubt and insecurities

that so few really know.

She smiles brightly into the face of life,

juggling each responsibility with such grace-

at least as far as you can see.

Behind the scenes,

the balls drop in a mad array of uncontrolled chaos,

and tears flow down her cheeks as she admits defeat.

And yet,

gratitude erupts from her lips,

her own quiet hallelujah,

as another day dawns.

Another opportunity to try again, to do better than the day before,

Her smile a beacon to some

if nothing else.

A last summer flower…

4 thoughts on “Facade

  1. Aw. You’re doing great, and welcoming and accepting all those pieces that don’t fit the picture of a “has it all together ” professional woman can bring such gifts . I recently have come to realize that I’m likely on the autism spectrum , and this has brought me deep gifts in wholeness as I’ve been able to lovingly unpack all those pieces of me I felt I had to shove into a dark pocket in order to be the well-adjusted neurotypical person I felt I was expected to be. Social, professional, and executive demands can exceed our capacity often , especially when we’re sensitive and empathic , so taking time to care for those fragmented and sometimes shoved aside pieces is such a gift to ourselves.

    1. Thank you, Cathy. These past weeks have been such a good learning experience for me, both in accepting the successes and figuring out where I need to draw the line in what I can realistically do well. Lots of great things happening…just so many all at once. A good problem. 😊❤️

  2. The measure of success is the downfall of many a professional woman. We compare ourselves to unrealistic standards and of course we fall short. I believe the correct yardstick to gauge success is in the number of hearts we have touched, the amount of love we have sparked, and the talents that have been nurtured. By that measure you are the most successful woman I know!!

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