The Look of Love: Critter Edition

Shiva loves her Marley.

I have been thinking a lot about love lately; what it means to love, the gifts of a love-filled life, and how love can transform absolutely everything. I feel our home vibrate with love, manifesting itself not only between Dan and I, but in our animals as well. I decided to look for photos that capture what it is to love and be loved through the eyes of our three critters.

Sophie’s love…she follows me everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

Marley and Sophie, top deck buds.

My ride home from the airport…Dan was happy to see me- Marley, too.

Dan and Marley communing at the top of the stairs…

My practice buddy.

Christmas dawgs…always together.

Covered in love…

Snuggle time…

Fireside love..


Morning love…

Love brings so much to our lives; trust, comfort, joy, gratitude, the freedom to be, to flourish and grow into the best version of ourselves. And when a home is filled with love, that love spreads to every living being, reverberating out into the world. Such a beautiful thing.

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