The Twelve-ish Ornaments of Christmas No. 2: The Gift of Animals and Good Humans

We were so excited to have a visit from Brenda of Two by Two Animal Rescue today, the woman who we adopted our sweet husky mix, Marley, from last April. Brenda and I have stayed in touch on Facebook, but I was so happy to see her again in person and for Marley to get to reconnect with the woman who saved her from a life of being chained out in a yard with no real shelter.

We let Marley out to meet Brenda as she opened the top gate. It was so beautiful; Marley recognized her immediately and turned into a wiggling ball of fur. I felt the tears sting my eyes as I watched their reunion. This woman saved Marley and cared for her after she was viciously attacked by two dogs. How Marley retained her incredibly sweet nature after all she has been through is a mystery to us. Animals have a resiliency that amazes me.

Our ‘got’cha’ day…poor Marley had several shaved places and stitches after her attack.

Brenda is one of those very special people that we are sometimes fortunate enough to meet in life, someone who is genuinely kind, selfless, and compassionate. She has given of herself again and again for the benefit of animals in need and is quietly passionate about her work. As she told us stories about some of the dogs fostered by Two by Two, I thought about how hard it would be to have to deal with the sad part of humanity so often, to see animals mistreated, neglected, and abandoned. I at least hope that the ‘happy ending’ stories make it easier to bear, along with the knowledge that you are doing your part to help make a difference in the lives of so many animals.

Brenda brought us the most thoughtful and precious gift- ornaments made in the likeness of Marley, Sophie, and Shiva (made by ‘Felt Your Pet’ on Facebook). We went to the tree and each placed an ornament on the fragrant Fir limbs, with Brenda hanging Marley’s ornament.

Marley has been our own happy ending story, bringing such joy to us and fitting into our home seamlessly from the very beginning, just meant to be. No more being chained outside for her; now she lives inside on couches and cozy beds with lots of love, long walks, and good food. As animals amazingly do, she doesn’t live in the past, but instead freely gives her love and trust with a joyful devotion. She is the perfect canine companion, making us laugh with her goofy antics and filling our hearts and home with her lovable nature.

We hugged Brenda tightly as she left and gave her a donation to help with the good work of Two by Two. We hope she will come back to visit again soon, and that her heart was happy and her Christmas a little brighter seeing the results of her work fostering Marley. We are so grateful to be one of her happy ending stories and hope that she has many, many more happy tails and tales.

If you’d like to donate to a great animal rescue, please consider giving to Two by Two Rescue to help them continue their important work.

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