‘Twas the Week After Christmas

‘Twas the week after Christmas and all through the hood,

We all felt so fat but the food was so good.

The stockings that hung from the chimney with care,

Are all that fit me now that won’t tear.

And what to my wondering eyes did appear,

but my scale must be broken…if not, oh, my dear!

Soon January’s here, won’t that be a riot,

For yet again I’ll be on another diet.

On Atkins! On Southbeach! On Weightwatchers, too!

I’ve tried everything and I know what to do;

Step away from the cookies, the cocktails, the pie,

Put down that fork and heave a deep sigh…

Put on your sneakers, your sweats and start walking,

for nothing will change if you’re just sitting there talking.

The holiday’s over, reality bites,

Because my scale has now reached amazing new heights!

But I heard my conscious say and I knew it was right-

Happy dieting to all- keep on fighting the good fight!

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