I Caught a Tear Drop

I caught a tear drop on my finger,

sadness filling every crevice and corner of my heart.

So much was contained in the glistening orb;

memories of love and laughter,

poignant and real,

joined with those of loss and sadness, laced with regret,

Beginnings and endings, melded into one.

I closed my eyes and put the tear drop to my lips, tasting the salty memories,

hoping against hope to bring back my love,

to feel the joy well up in me once again,

But only sorrow remained, holding my hand, sitting with me,

as more tears trailed down my cheeks unchecked.

I heard my heart whisper in the silence,

Don’t be afraid; you must taste the bitter pill of sorrow to know the greatest heights of joy.

6 thoughts on “I Caught a Tear Drop

  1. A catch in my throat! This is begging for music – a lyric without a tune… I was always told that with out darkness the light cannot be defined. So too sorrow and joy…

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