An Ode to my Sister

My sister took care of me while my mother struggled with a divorce that should never have been.

She fixed my hair, dressed me, loved me when my mother was in a far-off land mentally, dealing with details that no teenager should have to face.

She has lived her life with grace, making the best of every situation thrown her way, resilience and humor her super powers. She is generous, thoughtful, and brave.

She raised two sons to be two good men, she is a caregiver, she is loyal, passionate in her beliefs. She is creative, making every space she inhabits beautiful. She cooks, she bakes, she works tirelessly no matter how she may feel and she gets the job done.

My sister is my hero. She is so much like our mother, and though she may not see it, I do. She calls it like she sees it, never afraid to stand up for what is true and right.

I am so very proud of her and the strong woman she is, and so very grateful to call her my sister.

Happy Birthday, Linda!

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