A Heart

I heard the sound,

a crystalline crack,

as my heart splintered

breaking into shards of sorrow.

Out poured all the love,

all the pain.

Every loss, every wound, every joy,

played on the screen of my memory,

and I held the gaping hole in my chest,

trying so hard to stem the flow.

Finally, I gathered the pieces,

gently, lovingly, tucking them back into my chest.

Heartbreak is no stranger to me.

He has visited time and time again

to remind me of the power of great love.

With each splintering of my heart,

it seems that my capacity to love only grows,

my heart made stronger, more resilient, tempered by the pain,

knitting together all the pieces of love lost and found,

an armor of the most fragile kind.

4 thoughts on “A Heart

  1. A perfect description of the heartbreak and the knowing that only the broken can increase the capacity for caring and love. Like the cicada that to grow must break the skin/shell and become vulnerable until the newer larger self has healed/hardened…

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