On Ageless Love

As I walked down the ramp to board the plane bound for Nebraska Thursday morning, I walked behind an elderly couple tightly holding hands and smiling at each other. The man wore hearing aids, and both of their gates were a little unsteady on the bouncy ramp. However, it was obvious that they were holding hands out of true affection for each other and not just to steady themselves.

My heart swelled at the sight and a huge smile spread over my face when the woman asked her husband if he wanted to sit by the window this time? Those little acts of consideration mean so much in the long term of a partnership. Shared adventures.

Once they were seated I leaned in as I passed them to tell the woman that I loved seeing them hold hands, that it was so beautiful and they’d made my day. Her face lit up like Christmas morning and the years fell from her lined face as her eyes twinkled and she gave a shy, “thank you” and smiled. The things that give one hope, for sure. Love has no expiration date.

I remember my mom always smiling when she saw an older couple holding hands, wistfully saying she’d always hoped that would her she and my father, but it was not to be. Maybe because of Mom I look for those signs, the mysteries of how couples keep genuine friendship and romance in their lives no matter how many years have passed. I realize how fortunate to have my Dan, the man who always takes my hand as we walk side by side, who gets up at 3:30am without one grumble to take me to the airport, stands by me through thick and thin, the man who always does the little things that make me feel loved and cherished as we begin to head toward our own ‘older’ years.I do believe in ageless love; you have to work hard at it, but it truly doesn’t feel like work when it’s right. Be considerate of each other, be loving, forgiving, understanding. Find common passions, grow together, live to serve each other selflessly, each giving not ’50/50′ but 100%. And laugh…laugh a lot, be silly. I guess that’s the recipe that works for us…I am so grateful.

4 thoughts on “On Ageless Love

  1. Beautiful post. I agree – consideration for each other is the base of a long and fruitful relationship. Best wishes to you both.

  2. Yup! It is amazing to me that when I look at my husband I still see him as a 26 year old. And he continually tells me that I’m beautiful and that I haven’t aged a day in his eyes… That is one part of that “ageless” love. Any man who can win the love of Shiva is a keeper!!!!

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