On the Rigors of Canine Fame

I don’t watch much television, and I do my best to avoid the news most of the time these days. It was a fluke that Dan and I were sitting in front of the tv eating breakfast later than usual this morning waiting for a weather update, when suddenly Dan called out, “Honey, it’s Marley!” Sure enough, I looked up to see the screen filled with my favorite pic of our husky mix, her soulful brown eyes staring into the camera.

I had forgotten that a while back I’d sent her photo along with a description to our local news station for their Friday ‘Pet Pics’ segment. I never dreamed she’d be chosen, nor that I’d be in front of the television if she were featured. I threw down my yogurt and spoon of peanut butter and grabbed my phone, intent on capturing this sixty seconds of fame for our sweet girl. Dan backed up the segment with the remote so that we were able to get it all. A Star is born!

I did have to stand up for my girl’s reputation; Mickey Ferguson, our weatherman, likes to be the voice of the animal pictured, and ‘Marley’ said that she got in trouble chewing up things around the house…so not true. Our chunky monkey is the perfect lady inside and out. We had to laugh when the anchor mentioned Shiva. Shiva wasn’t amused, feeling snubbed that I hadn’t sent her photo into WBRC. She attacked the window in protest, diva that she is, trying to pry her way into the limelight. Another statement of protest from Shiva…

Marley has maintained her usual calm and humble demeanor, even after all of the attention and the throngs of paparazzi camping out in front of Chez Gainey, waiting for a glimpse of our canine celeb. Things have been pretty exciting around here, I must say, and I think the rigors of fame are taking their toll on our girl.

Marley has wisely decided to get an agent to help her field all of the opportunities coming her way after the tv spot today. For contractual reasons, I’m not at liberty to drop any names, but let me just say that some pretty prominent dog food companies have stepped forward trying to entice Marley into representing their brands. Marley is holding out for the best deal, taking time to think through all of her options.

We’re hoping that our pup can keep a level head as she navigates her new-found fame. I’m going to do my best to help her keep her paws on the ground, watching for signs of typical star behavior; requests for diamond-studded collars, fancy cuisine, and limo service in place of our daily walks. Right now it’s just Shiva whispering in her ear, but I’m counting on my Marley to be one of those down-to-earth celebs.

No matter what, I’m one proud mom.

4 thoughts on “On the Rigors of Canine Fame

  1. Marley has always been a star – even if her previous fame was limited to WP!I love that you were able to capture both the TV spot and that photo of her licking!! Congratulations to you both!

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