Mother’s Day Redacted

I dreamt of you last night,

I held you close and you felt so real,

Deeply etched memories filling in the gaps,

Your sweet smile and blue eyes sparkling with mischief.

In my dream I was trying to protect you from something, to shield you from harm, just as we always did for each other-

You for me in tender childhood,

I for you as you bravely faced the ravages of old age;

The beautiful give and take of life.

When I awoke, there were no tears,

Only joy at having been gifted with your visit,

My heart filled with your spirit.

I am your daughter, I am you, you are me,

One foot on the earth, one in the star dust of heaven,

Love eternal.

The five years since you’ve been gone suspended in time just long enough to whisper that you never really left me at all.

5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Redacted

  1. My mother is visiting with me this last week… I find her words coming out of my mouth. I hear my grandmother’s words flowing from her lips. It is so true that we have a part of our mothers with us forever – in our minds and hearts. Hugs to you!

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