For the Childless Mother on Mother’s Day

I have never given birth, but I have wiped the tears of many a child.

I have never known the joy of raising a son or daughter, but I have fostered the dreams of many.

I am a teacher, one who believes in every single student who crosses my path, doing my best to encourage and nurture their inherent spark, to help them see their beauty and worth.

I have listened to their dreams and their woes, cried with them, cheered for them. I’ve given shelter, fed meals, believed in them when others wouldn’t.

How grateful I am to have been able to share the love I have received from my own mother and those wonderful women who have been like mothers to me throughout my life.

An endless chain of maternal love, passed down through the ages. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I am grateful to be a part of that village. The gifts have been priceless.

8 thoughts on “For the Childless Mother on Mother’s Day

  1. That is beautiful, Denise. Continued Blessings upon you as you continue your Ministry. Yes, I believe it is a Ministry of teaching, listening, encouraging, healing and loving. You are the epitome of ALL that. Much love to you and yours, and Happy Mother’s Day! Yes, you CERTAINLY qualify!

  2. I’ve know some amazing mothers who have never given birth. It is true that is takes a village – and sometimes that village is a single person!! Happy Mother’s Day to you (because you have mothered so many!!)

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