Gratitude Reboot

It’s funny how negatively can sprout from the smallest seed without us even realizing its burgeoning presence. I work hard at finding the gratitude in every day things, but I caught myself complaining about health issues the past couple of weeks, and that’s not the road I want to travel…it’s time for a gratitude reboot.

My best friend posted a wonderful article on Facebook recently on finding gratitude in even the toughest of situations, and then another friend posted this meme below. Friends are the best at helping us find our way back to reality when we veer off track. Says it all, doesn’t it?

Whenever I start to catch myself sliding down the slippery slope of the “poor me’s” it only takes a few reminders, (or thwaps on the head) to help me find the proper perspective. No matter what we are dealing with in our lives, there is always someone struggling with something much larger, much more daunting. There truly is always something to be grateful for, even in the darkest of moments- I believe that with all my heart. And, focusing on even one tiny flicker of light and hope can help us to persevere. I know for a fact that doing that has helped me get through some of the darkest moments of my life.

Okay, so my shoulder still feels like I got into a Punch Buggy war with Thor after surgery almost two weeks ago, but it’s getting better every day. I have a wonderful surgeon whom I trust, an adoring husband who has taken loving, compassionate care of me- as well as taking care of all the things I couldn’t with the house and animals. I have the best boss ever who has encouraged me to take the time I’ve needed to heal before coming back to the office. I have friends who check on me and make me laugh to take my mind off of any discomfort, and a home that is an oasis of peace to me. Truly- what do I have to complain about?

I need to revisit one of my favorite quotes:

Don’t get me wrong- sometimes we need to vent to friends and let friends vent to us. Sometimes we need to have a pressure valve to let go of some of the angst- or a mirror to help us see that maybe what we’re complaining about isn’t that big an issue after all. The idea is to get it out and move on, find something, anything, that can help you to see that all is not lost. Sometimes that one tiny flicker of hope and positivity can ignite the change we need to turn things around. What a beautiful thing.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude Reboot

  1. And also, things like CBD oil can really help when we’re feeling pain or anxiety! I am grateful that this planet and our physical forms are so intertwined that plants can give us just what we need to move through challenges .

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