The Shiva Chronicles: Rain of Terror

We have noticed a direct correlation between Shiva’s bad moods and the weather. Not that she ever has what I’d call a sunny disposition in her bag of seventeen personalities, but when the weather is calm she seems to be at her most mellow(ish). It’s the rain that does it- it makes Shiva mad. The harder it rains, the crazier our little eight pounds of demon seed Tortie gets, racing around the house, crying, tail twitching and eyes wild. When the forecast predicts storms, we prepare ourselves for the Rain of Terror. Tail is always twitching…Don’t be deceived by the apparent innocence…be afraid…be very afraid.

Hurricane Barry has decided to head our way, at the least bringing lots of rain and wind. For now Shiva is relatively calm and peaceful- she even let me steal a kiss as she perched on top of my suitcase that I was packing for an upcoming trip. But…we feel the change coming.

Later tonight the crazy will come and Shiva will transform into full-blown demon seed. She will cry and race up and down the stairs, Kung-fu-ing Marley as she flies by. Marley will patiently heave a deep sigh and look at us with that resigned Oh, lord look, just as our sweet border collie mix Sophie did before her. She will scramble up and down the bannister, white paint flying as she goes, hating the world. This cat typically doesn’t even like herself on a good day, so you can just imagine what happens when she’s in the throws of cray-cray. The trail of woe…The ever patient Marley…

I have learned to treasure Shiva’s rare sweet moments, doing my best to remember that gentle side of her when she becomes a stark-raving maniac. The sky is dark and cloudy….it’s only a matter of time. Pray for us.

2 thoughts on “The Shiva Chronicles: Rain of Terror

  1. Haha! I think Shiva is well named and (dare I say) well loved – in spite of herself. Cats in general create a special vibe in a home. Obviously Marley has come to terms with the maniacal aspects of Shiva’s personality. I hope your shoulder is all mended and your impending trip is delightful (haven’t seen a post for awhile so hope all is well)!

    1. Shiva is indeed well-loved, in spite of herself. 😜 Thanks so much for checking in on me- the shoulder has not been fun, but each day is better. I am hoping to write more in the days ahead- this summer has been crazy busy with lots of good things (recording projects, travel, house projects, work, etc), and next week I head to Knoxville for ClarinetFest. Life is good! I hope you are happy and well. ❤️

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