On Paying Attention

I took a bad fall while walking Marley early yesterday morning; totally my fault for trying to remove my phone from my armband to answer a call (something I never do while exercising, but thought it was my sister or my best friend). Not paying attention for even a moment while walking Southside’s uneven and broken sidewalks is foolish. Sure enough, my size ten sneaker hit an upturned part of cement and suddenly the sidewalk was coming at me full speed, the leash saddle flying out of my hand…but my sweet Marley staying right by me, looking concerned as I bit the dust, cursing like a sailor.

It was a good reminder to me to pay attention, to be more mindful in my life. Not just to protect my sometimes (often) klutzy self, but also so that I don’t miss the important things that are sometimes incredibly fleeting.

Shiva the Diva…

Those little things; the many small but oh-so-considerate things that Dan does for me every day to show his love; the rare moments when Shiva is sweet, the way light comes through the bedroom window as the sun begins to make its climb into the morning sky. The smile of a stranger on the street, the laughter of a small child, seeing someone show kindness to someone in need, the hummingbirds finally at our feeder, the sound of a summer storm. I live so much inside my own head, too much. I get lost in my thoughts, my dreams of the future, and my constant worries. Life happens now, in this moment; far too precious a thing to miss, even for a brief second.

I’m going to do my best to not only keep my eyes open, but also keep my mind engaged. As a huge introvert, going inward has been a necessary tool for surviving the chaos of the world around me. I think I can find a better balance, though, of recharging my batteries and staying aware everyday of the ordinary and extraordinary beauty of life.

Dan and Marley…

As for me, I’m sore and achy from the fall, but so grateful that I didn’t break anything- especially as I have a recording session this week. Sometimes it takes the proverbial whack on the head to wake me up, reminding me to be present for my life- all of it. There are some pretty amazing things happening all around me and I don’t want to miss any of it. And…I can guarantee that I’ll be keeping a better eye on the sidewalks in my ‘hood, too.

2 thoughts on “On Paying Attention

  1. I’m so glad you are not seriously injured! Marley is a wonderful dog – she stayed with you even though you dropped the leash! Give her a hearty “Good Girl!” from me! I know that it is difficult to stay in the present when there are so many things pressing and vying for our attention. I know you don’t always feel blessed but you have so much beauty in your life. Peace to you and yours!

    1. Ahh, but I do feel blessed! There truly is always something to be grateful for- even the tough stuff. So much beauty around us. I delivered your “Good girl!” To Marley. Peace to you, too. ❤️

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