Birthday Wish: A Love Letter

A photo from a little farther back…

On this, the Birthday of my love, there are so many things I want to say;

But, how do you find words to adequately express someone saving your life and making you believe in love and happily ever afters again?

How do you thank someone for helping you see the beauty in yourself and in life that you were unable to see?

How do you show heartfelt gratitude for countless loving gestures, acts of kindness large and small, for sacrifice, for laughter, for romance, for deep and abiding friendship?

All I know to do is to love you fiercely, wildly, holding nothing back. I will tell you my heart, show you my love in even the smallest of my actions. I will write love letters and stumble clumsily through mere words in an effort to shine the light of my love as a beacon for you.

It will never be enough to truly reflect the depth of my feelings, but it is all I know.

I remember so clearly the first moment I saw you; my soul smiled, an ancient smile of recognition, a journey come full circle. You were and always have been my twin flame, my split apart, my heart’s home.

Happy Birthday, Honey!