Forever Can Spare an Hour

I crossed the ocean- can it just a week ago?

Walked countless miles over the cobblestone streets of London,

Took in the history of places where I viscerally felt the portent of time.

I performed in old cathedrals as wise stone angels looked on in the colorful light of stained glass,

Wishing I knew the stories they could tell of what they’d seen and heard over the centuries.

How lucky I have been to travel the world to see and experience new places, to see new and different ways of living,

To see that we are all really the same.

And yet, for all the beauty, for all of the wonder,

My heart pines for the one I love, the one waiting for me with open arms and a loving heart.

Tears trail down my cheeks as I think of our reunion, knowing that soon my heart will be whole again.

He has my love forever, and forever can spare an hour, long though it may be.

The sweet ache of longing wiped away in the first joyous embrace.

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