So many cities, crazy airports, different hotel rooms, enough to make my head spin.

I wake up in the dark, trying to remember where I am. What day is this?

Working, doing what I love, but stressful nonetheless.

Days pass and I feel the emptiness rise up, the hole in my heart.

And then, one last hotel room, one last press of humanity in another airport, one last flight.

I wait on the curb outside of baggage claim,

Heart about to burst from my chest as I see him approach, smiling ear to ear, our grinning dog in the backseat, tail wagging in welcome.

The embrace, the kiss, the feeling of being whole again, feeling his warmth next to me once more.


I have never become jaded about homecomings; each one is precious.

Returning to my love, life in our wonderful old house, our animals, our daily rituals…my touchstone.

I can do anything, go anywhere, as long as I have the anticipation of returning to this place that is such a well of joy to me.

There truly is no place like home.