‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Rebooted

‘Twas the night before Christmas,

and all through the house,

Shiva was racing and then she would pounce;

On stomachs, on couches, on forbidden dining tables,

On Marley, on headboards- even Nativity stables!

Marley sighed deeply and ignored the cat’s flight,

All snugged by the fire lit by Dan’s LED light.

Me, I was fasting and Dan was on crutches,

As we all did our best to stay out of Shiva’s clutches.

When what to our wondering eyes did appear,

But Shiva became calm, causing mass panic and fear;

“Just what is she up to?” Dan said to his wife,

As Denise shuddered and prepared to run for her life.

But Shiva only curled into a tiny fur ball

And then started purring – doesn’t that just beat all?

Now for those who say there’s no Christmas magic,

Here’s your proof- this cat’s behavior is normally quite tragic.

And as Dan reached to pet her with sweet loving care,

Shiva swiped at him, his skin intending to tear.

But Dan is so peaceful and in true yoga form,

Gave a jolly old laugh, so used to this norm.

Our evening returned to cozy, such a nice sight to see,

And the Gaineys went back to watching more HGTV.

As the fireplace flickered with soft glowing light,

Dan said, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

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