Don’t let the world dim your spark

or strip away your hope.

Don’t let it make you feel helpless against giants

or fill you with worry and doubt.

Don’t give power to fear or relinquish your resolve,

or listen to snake charmers selling pie crust promises.

Don’t forget that the world is still full of heartbreaking beauty,

and that kind-hearted people abound, ready to lift you up.

Don’t stop believing in what is good and right,

for every defiant bend toward the sun makes it impossible for darkness to ever win the night.

4 thoughts on “Don’t

  1. Oh. My. Goodness! That is an astoundingly, jaw-dropping, piece of wisdom in poetic form. You have written some fabulous things, but that one takes my breath away. It it is every bit as stirring as poetry by Maya Angelou. Just WOW…

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