Hidden Gems

In these dark days

filled with uncertainty

and entrenched in fear,

I look for hidden gems,

things I may never have noticed

in my self-imposed haste of day-to-day existence.

Those small moments of beauty

that take your breath away

when you pause long enough to really see them,

as humble as a tiny flower or a kind word or deed.

I am desperate for beauty and its transformative powers

more so now than ever.

In the end, the real lesson will be

remembering to see the beauty

long after these barren days have passed,

when we settle into whatever our new normal will be

and the hustle and bustle of life returns.

I never again want to be blind to the gems that are scattered all around me,

sparkling with color in the light,

Just waiting to catch my eye and fill my heart.

In memory of Virginia Schmidt.

13 thoughts on “Hidden Gems

  1. In this battered world right now I too have started to take note much more than ever. At the moment and for most of April Venus has been brightly twinkling in the clear night skies. It is beautiful, have a look Denise. There will be meteror showers too peaking around 21st April.
    Stay safe X.

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