The Shadow People

It feels like I am walking among the shadow people,

a mere shadow myself.

I am here, but I am not,

as everything has changed.

The things I once took for granted are no longer solid ground,

each day now a pale reflection of the one before.

Stubbornly I repeat the mantra that all is normal,

rising with the sun to author a day humming with activity,

but nothing is normal in this upside down, virtual world.

I hold fast to the quicksand of hope,

locking arms with the shadows, walking forward, crawling if I must.

It is the only way;

through the starry night and into the light of day,

until tall shadows slowly fade away

and the earth is once again firm beneath my feet.

4 thoughts on “The Shadow People

  1. What a beautiful poem! It describes how I feel to a tee. Sometimes I feel like I am hovering outside of my body looking down on the half me., dizzy and floating, feeling nothing is real. Somehow we will get through this, together. ❤️

    1. Thank you, Julie. It is all incredibly surreal. I feel exactly what you are describing…but we will make it through. Be safe and well, my friend. ❤️

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