For the Motherless on Mother’s Day

Gone are the wisdom-filled words, the gentle embraces, the fiercely loyal protectors,

for we are the motherless on Mother’s Day.

The safety net is no longer there, that someone who knew you and loved you more than anyone possibly could.

There is no treasure trove of stories about our history, our beginnings, only endings.

Now only unanswered questions remain, leaving us feeling the void.

No sweet smiles, no telephone calls,

no hand to wipe away our tears.

All that remains are precious memories

and jagged holes in our hearts that never truly heal.

But the time comes, achingly slowly, when we finally realize they are with us still,

whispering words of comfort and encouragement to our weary souls,

guiding us in mystical ways,

leaving signs that at first we are too numb to see through the fog of grief.

Open your heart, open your mind, listen;

you will come to realize that she has only become love, pure and simple,

the brightest of lights;

love’s echoes going on and on, love eternal.

4 thoughts on “For the Motherless on Mother’s Day

  1. Thanks for this, Denise. Today is my 27th Mother’s Day without her. Miss her every single day, but somewhere deep within me, I know I’ll see her again. Today, though, the memories will have to suffice.

    1. I know it will never really get easier to lose such a close bond. I think I am all ‘healed’ and then a day like this day will come and it seems like yesterday. Sending a hug to you. ❤️

  2. The day is coming for me to experience this – my mother is 88 and I know in my head that she will not live forever in this world. My heart though is determined that she will live forever.

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