Little Big Moments

The other day, Dan and I went to Taj India for lunch, just our second time to eat there since March when the world stopped. We were the only ones in the restaurant, and while I was sad for our Taj friends at the lack of customers, it was heaven to just enjoy our lovely and spicy meal in the peace and quiet.

In the middle of it all, I became aware that Dan was looking at me intently and I tilted my head in unspoken question. He smiled and told me I was “radiantly beautiful.” I had no makeup on, I am fifty-seven, I am mentally exhausted and sleep-deprived…but this sweet man made me feel beautiful when I really needed it. He will be the reason I survive this blasted pandemic. How grateful I am for Dan and his solid anchor in what is good and right in my world.

Say something kind to someone out of the blue, especially now. It truly does make a difference when we are all suffering in so many ways. The little big things mean the world.

(Photo from our wedding on the Nantahala.)

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