She watched as the limbs thrashed wildly

against strong winds in pale light;

not the joyful dance of springs past,

but rather the fitful tossing of change resisted.

Winter is in the air,

dimly draped in fall’s cloak,

leaves raining down in a shower of colorful resignation.

She felt the turmoil of uncertainty vibrating deep within her chest,

lifting a prayer to the wind that she would find strength for the new season ahead.

She has stood at this precipice many times before,

always a survivor;

why would this time be any different?

Let the wind blow,

let change come.

2 thoughts on “Change

  1. A beautiful image of the resilience of the human soul. You’re not alone in these moments, just as the red leaf was not the only one to fall from the tree – we will eventually all come to the precipice…

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