I’ve been thinking a lot about anchors during my morning walks around the neighborhood with Marley. For some reason lately, the word and its many connotations in my life keep bubbling to the surface with the contemplative repetition of our rhythmic walking.

Anchors can certainly have a negative connotation; possibly things that weigh us down emotionally that we can’t seem to let go of. They can be relationships that don’t bring us joy, habits that get in the way of living our best life, or the clutter of too many things around us. Sometimes I think we hold on to anchors like lifesavers, using them as an excuse for failure, or even due to a fear of success…what if we succeed and it’s still not good enough?

But, anchors can also be such a positive thing; a relationship with a foundation built on love and trust, a belief system that sustains us in difficult times, family, our work, our homes. Anchors tie us to stability and strength, giving us courage when we need it most.

The pandemic has spurred me to look carefully at my life and the anchors that bring joy and connection and those that weigh me down and prevent me from moving forward with my goals. I’ve already made some good progress health-wise these past months. Now it’s time to look at other areas of my life to determine which anchors are treasures and which need to be cut free. That’s the beauty of life; we have the power to improve ourselves and embrace change over and over again as we grow in understanding and acceptance.

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