Marley’s 15 Minutes of Fame

I decided to post a short story about our husky/shepherd mix rescue dog, Marley, on Facebook’s Dogspotting page. I was stunned to find that my sweet girl went viral, getting almost 13,000 likes and hundreds of comments. She deserves all of the love that comes her way- what a beautiful old soul she is. We will always be grateful to Two by Two Rescue here in Birmingham, Alabama, and Marley’s rescue angel, Brenda Watkins.

Here is what I posted:

I didn’t know her story until after we adopted her from the rescue. I just saw her sweet and gentle eyes in the photo on their site after a long search and knew this girl was meant to be mine. I found she’d lived much of her life chained to a tree and was attacked visciously by two dogs. When we got her, her head was shaved and covered with stitches from the attack, as were other places on her body. And yet, the only thing this girl shows anyone and everyone she meets is an old soul with a huge capacity to love.
Fast-forward almost three years…Marley is my soul dog, my Covid-Work-at-Home partner, my daily exercise bud, a survivor of our crazy Tortie’s adoration…and a dog who is now happily snoring away as she sleeps right between my husband and I, complete with head on the pillow. How lucky are we?

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