After these strange months

of endless uncertainty,

I find myself feeling changed.

I am here, but not completely,

more a shadow of myself

than fully flesh and blood.

Diaphanous, translucent,

acting by habit and instinct.

Gone are my anchors,

so many that I held dear,

my understanding of life and the world.

In their place, uncertainty,

confusion, exhaustion.

I am a child’s toy,

wound down to stillness

as I await my energies to regroup.

None of this will stop me;

the world is not always kind

but there is a strength deep within

that has never failed me before.

It is gathering itself,

I can feel it,

a storm rising,

waiting for the right moment to burst forth in triumph.

I can be knocked to my knees,

but I will rise up again and again,

leaving the shadows,

walking into the bright sunlight,

head held high,

soul renewed.

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