The Shiva Chronicles: A Trip to the Vet

I took the kids in for nail trims this morning…but first, we had to find Shiva. I whistled for her (the one trick she has, she always comes to me when I whistle for her). We looked all over and then Dan exclaimed from our bedroom, “I hear her!” Sure enough, when I whistled again there was a very faint signature high-pitched Shiva cry. But where the heck was she? Under the bed? Nope. Oh, God…up the fireplace? Nope. Finally, Dan identified the source…the dresser drawer. It seems that Dan was putting some clothes away and didn’t notice that Shiva had curled up in the large drawer for a nap when he closed it. No avoiding the vet for YOU, Demonseed!

Marley, such a good girl.

When we arrived at Oxmoor Animal Clinic, I was able to go in with the animals to see the vet for the first time since Covid. It was our favorite, Dr. Claytor, who has cared for our animals since I moved to Birmingham. Dr. Claytor and her tech took care of Marley first (a perfect angel, as always), and then, with great trepidation, they unzipped the cat carrier and scooped a very unhappy Shiva out. As they attempted to get her in position, Shiva yowled and almost scratched the tech. Dr. Claytor wisely put a soft folded towel over Shiva’s head as the tech cradled her and Dr. Claytor prepared for battle.

The calm before the storm…

As each nail was cut, Shiva yowled and hissed and cried like she was being torn limb from limb by a pack of rabid Zombies. Marley paced worriedly and I tried my best to say soothing things to Shiva (which didn’t help because, you know, she hates me). Finally, the deed was done. Dr. Claytor wiped her brow and the traumatized vet tech quickly zipped the little spitfire into the carrier. I did feel a tad better when- after I apologized for my crazy Tortie, the tech said, “Oh, I promise you we’ve seen much worse!” I can’t even imagine. I swear my cat was speaking in tongues at one point.

We are safely home now and Shiva’s had her cat nip. All is calm. However, bedtime will come, and with that, my nightmares. Shiva never forgets.

True colors…

2 thoughts on “The Shiva Chronicles: A Trip to the Vet

  1. Hehe! As a Vet Tech I can vouch that Shiva was a lovely if vocal patient. Since there was no bloodshed and no stiches required, I’d say she was a good if unwilling visitor to the clinic…

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