When in Fear

When in fear I tremble,

the unknowns far too many to bear,

my bravado drained dry by seemingly one epic battle to the death after another

in an endless ballet of karmic missteps.

All too easy to feel the weight of the world

crushing down on me,

with answers always coming, coming,

but never soon enough.

I look at my reflection in the mirror;

I see strength flashing in my eyes.

even as my hands shake and my voice falters.

I am a warrior,

an unwilling one, but a warrior nonetheless.

Dare not underestimate what I am capable of.

While the shock of this new battle is fresh and jarring,

I am determined that I will look for the joy in my path.

My angels are with me always,

every step of the way.

I walk arm in arm with them toward healing,

toward life.

Dedicated to my BFF Diane Barger, who recently found out she has to battle cancer yet again.

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