18 years and counting!

When we’re together,

a sparkle of hope and possibility shimmers all around.

Your inner child delights,

until tears of mirth stream down my cheeks.

We are masters of the little often unseen things,

as we know that those little things are truly the big things in love.

I think of all you do to make our home magical and functional,

the kindness and care you never fail to show me,

the patience with my never ending dreams of mountains, rivers, and cabins,

and my too-soft heart for animals and people in need.

No matter what,

we have grown together,

each supporting the other in every way possible,

knowing the success of one is the joy of both.

We can finish each other’s sentences

and anticipate needs,

as comfortable together as a wonderful old pair of shoes.

What a gift it all is,

what a miracle to find my twin flame,

the one who sees my heart-

the one who is my heart.

Dedicated to the man who holds my heart on our anniversary

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