From Where I Stand

From where I stand,

it is easy to see the flaws of the world;

cruelty beyond measure,

hunger and violence,

want and need-

enough to make me weep at the sadness of it all.

There has to be balance in life

and the thought gives me hope

as I can also see good in the world,

so much of it.

It is human nature;

we are all dark and light,

one and the same.

Our struggles are a part of our very nature,

as is the pull to something higher,

something far better.

From where I stand,

I also see the beauty of human kindness,

the courage of the fallen,

the unselfish quietly doing what they can to make a difference,

and that gives me hope for the world.

See the sadness,

all of it-

but also seek the good;

it may be more difficult to visualize in the wake of a universe of heartache,

but even one ray of light can shine the way to through to the other side.

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