This Moment

I had to smile. Lying in bed with Dan last night, Marley between us gently snoring as we talked and dreamed, one of Dan’s relaxing sleep tracks playing, and the soft whir of the fan bringing in the somewhat cooler-for-Birmingham summer breezes through the open window. Ahh, and the katydids! Their full-blown serenade filling the night with the sounds of summer memories long past.

This is our nightly routine, night after night, and I treasure the intimate quiet ritual of ending each day with connection, comfort, and love. This. This moment. I want it to last into eternity. This moment of pure, unadulterated happiness, brazenly taking place amidst all the craziness of the world. Look at us daring to be happy, all in our little Southside cocoon.

Of course my mind goes there as Dan and Marley sleep and my mind does its usual bedtime topsy-turvy flips and spins. All of the awful news, all of the uncertainties of the future, so much to worry about. All I want to do is bottle this perfect-to-me moment in time, this sweet and simple ritual. These are the times when I see how truly rich I am. The little things actually are the big things.

Sweet dreams, Shiva?

2 thoughts on “This Moment

  1. It is hard to stop the worry – it seems that my prayer wheel spins and I visualize all the worry being flung into the Creator’s lap and no longer mine… I can image Marley and Shiva taking care of your heart! Hope you can hold onto the peaceful moments to sustain you during the day…

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