Marley-Tails: Upon Which a Mystery is Solved

Don’t let this angelic face fool you- this too-good-to-be-true loving dawg is an addict. Her drug of choice? Shiva’s cat food (and she’s possibly an adrenaline junkie, too, as she is certainly challenging fate by taking said food from the said Demon Seed..I mean, that takes guts, right?

We found Shiva’s bowl wiped out a few days ago, licked clean, glistening in light of the laundry room atop the dog crate (that is for the cat). Surely that couldn’t be our saint of a dog, Marley?! It had to be that our normally picky eater Shiva suddenly developed a voracious appetite for Science Diet after all this time.

You displease me, servant.” Shiva Gainey

And then it happened again. And again and again; the crime scene was left clear of any evidence. A ghost, perhaps? Mr. MacKenzie would not be bested by whatever entity was responsible. He cut extra parts of the crate and created a barrier between the crate and the folding table above it, giving Shiva a little cave, safe from roving dogs- um, ghosts.

And then- you guessed it- it happened again. Proclamations were made, threats were bandied about. No one thwarts Mr. MacKenzie! I still stood up for my sweet pup; it just couldn’t be her. She is the perfect dog!

These boots were made for walkin’…

…Until last night when her crown toppled off of her like an obsessed canine with some mad skills tapeworm…also like a canine who has lost 10 pounds from eating less Fat Dog dog food (seriously, it’s made by Nutro) and walking with me for three to four miles each morning. Maybe her body’s set point wants to be a little higher? Maybe she likes being voluptuous? Maybe she’d rather be sitting on the couch eating bonbons? (By the way, that last one was a big bingo). It’s amazing what lengths a determined Husky/Shepherd mix will go to when there is even a microscopic chance of finding even one crumb of anything.

Photographic evidence of dawg’s preference for couch sitting (bonbons implied by relaxed position of paws from food coma.

Still, I so wanted to believe in my girl. I needed hard evidence, which came in the dark of night. Marley sleeps between us- actually a great sleeping buddy in spite of her 74 pounds. We fell asleep to one of Dan’s peaceful sleep mixes until I was awoken around midnight by a certain dawg jumping off my side of the bed and stealthily sneaking her oh-so-in-trouble-adorable-self downstairs (something she’s never done in the 3 years we’ve had her). Dan was still sleeping, but I suddenly had adrenaline coursing through my veins. This was it- we would finally know the truth!

I listened with everything my 58 year-old aging musician ears had. I heard some shuffling of some kind followed by the sound of a ceramic food bowl crashing to the floor. Et tu Brute…mm, Marley? No need to wake Dan up- we could deal with the inevitable chaos in the morning.

The best part? Not long after the heist, my Beastie snuck her way back upstairs in the dark house and scared me half to death when she jumped over me to innocently return to her spot on the bed after I’d just dozed off again. Just like nothing happened. That is, of course, until the next morning when Dan called to me to come down and see the crime scene.

Our newly renovated laundry room was a mess; the big water bowl’s mat askew, the ceramic bowl on the floor, chips of ceramic dust all around, but surprisingly intact. The rug on the crate for Shiva to eat on looked like something big and furry and determined tussled with it getting around the barrier on her hind legs in the dark. A total James Bond fail move. Amazingly, the rug was never out of position until this one time when Marley just flew too close to the sun.

You know you can’t stay mad at me

We are now picking up Shiva’s food between feedings, much to the dismay of a certain dog that I know and love. Marley may have been fed just a little bit less for a couple of days, but I will neither confirm nor deny the facts of that situation. We spoke sternly to the offender. Okay, who am I kidding? We joked about our chow hound and told her if she starts meowing, she’s totally outta here (total fib). Now, let’s wait and see what Mr. MacKenzie’s next move is. These critters keep us on our toes, for sure.

Shiva will always be watching you, Marley. Be afraid…be very afraid.
What? Just heading back up to bed…

6 thoughts on “Marley-Tails: Upon Which a Mystery is Solved

  1. Oh no!! Marley is one lucky dog! When we had a dog and 2 cats, she (the canine) learned a forever lesson when she attempted to eat some of the leftover cat food… both cats were on her tail and finally cornered her between the cabinets and the fridge. We had to rescue the food thief from the wrath of the felines. She never attempted to even sniff in the direction of the cat bowls ever again… Marley is so very lucky that Shiva is not so food motivated as my cats were. Still we did use dry cat food as a training tool for our last dog. one little nugget and he’d do every trick he knew!

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