I have been searching for a beacon,

some sign that will guide us through this madness

into some sort of peace,

restless though that peace might be.

Maybe it doesn’t exist,

perhaps my heart only wishes that it did

and I am living in denial.

Perhaps instead the world will be devoured

by its corruptness and evil and fear.

So much beauty lost,

so much good

tossed to the wayside,

a colossal waste.

It weighs heavy on my soul,

tendrils of old fears begin to wrap themselves around me,

of losing the happy life that I have found-


the happy life

that I have built,

brick by brick.

I feel the weight of the sadness of the world,

a deep well of grief that seemingly has no end.

Part of me wants to look away,

to pretend that everything is fine

as all hell breaks loose around me

in some sort of chaos-filled ballet.

I can’t give up or give in, though;

there is too much riding on this,

too much to lose at a time when our spirits are already bankrupt

and we have nothing left to give.

But still I will raise my sword each day,

giving a rallying cry of possibility and hope.

I have to believe that good will subdue evil,

that injustices done can be reversed.

I have to believe in a world where goodwill

spreads, person to person to person,

love once begun never ending.

I just have to


3 thoughts on “Beacon

  1. You are the beacon! The days of bad news and the nights of sorrow always contain the sunlight behind clouds or a sliver of moonlight in the darkness. You are not alone. All the beacons are standing with eyes fixed on the light, the hope, the strength of love in this world. We reflect it, you reflect it. Shine on!

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