The Bells of Stephansdom

I heard them from blocks away

as I walked the worn cobblestone streets of Vienna;

the bells of Stephansdom,

a beautiful cacophony that seemed endless,

crowds of people gathered in awe of the spectacle.

I am a deeply spiritual person, but not religious,

and yet…

something about the bells pealing with such joy

from the gothic spires of the centuries-old church

made me feel closer to God,

closer to humanity.

The history of the old cathedral sang out to its city through those bells,

reminding us of what Man is capable of when inspired by love and faith

instead of hate and fear.

For just a few moments

the ugliness of the world receded and I felt the embrace of the ages,

heard the whispers of the past

of those who walked these same stones before me.

The spires reached toward the heavens.

my weary soul reaching upward with them.

7 thoughts on “The Bells of Stephansdom

  1. I played it twice just for the joy of it all! I love your description of the experience too. I think mankind can do marvelous things when inspired by love of God and fellow man…

  2. Beautiful! I read your post and watched the vidio while on my overnite job. Yes, moving, joyful, calming, energizing all in the same moment. Thank you for sharing.

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