A Love Note to a World on Fire

I dreamt of my mother last night.

Her blue eyes sparkling with mischief and stories untold.

I felt her embrace, so very real,

one I have ached for these past too many years.

Chaos swirled around us,

a world on fire,

but my mother stayed calm,

a tender smile upon her face.

She held me close as she always did,

whispering in my ear,

Never forget- you are loved by so many. There is nothing to fear. We all become love in the end.

Her words an electrical jolt,

a flash of knowing my true purpose,

the same as it’s always been for us all

from the very beginning;

to seek love,

to share love,

to be love.

5 thoughts on “A Love Note to a World on Fire

  1. Beautiful, and so true….❤️
    Your mother was very wise, and such a positive example.
    Hugs to you.

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