When we’re together, a sparkle of hope and possibility shimmers all around. Your inner child delights, until tears of mirth stream down my cheeks. We are masters of the little often unseen things, as we know that those little things are truly the big things in love. I think of all you do to make … More Together

When in Fear

When in fear I tremble, the unknowns far too many to bear, my bravado drained dry by seemingly one epic battle to the death after another in an endless ballet of karmic missteps. All too easy to feel the weight of the world crushing down on me, with answers always coming, coming, but never soon … More When in Fear


I finally discovered a word that describes my feelings for you; Amaranthine (adj.) undying, immortal, eternally beautifully. How better to express all that our love means, the many ways in which you have touched my life for the better? What a gift in this harsh world to find my twin flame, the one who spoke … More Amaranthine

On Appropriate F*#ks

I was on a dark airplane, finally taxiing toward takeoff and Birmingham after nine hours of a layover in Detroit that wasn’t supposed to be. In a perfect world, I was scheduled to be home by 3:10pm, in plenty of time to walk Marley and settle into being back home with Dan. In my not-so-perfect … More On Appropriate F*#ks


Early each morning before I rise from bed, a snoring Marley curled up next to me, I religiously post three memes, perhaps with nauseating regularity for the people who are subjected to my typically happy-fied Facebook page. My nickname isn’t Poppins for nothing…Two of the memes are meant to encourage or inspire, the third is … More Memes-n-Marley-n-Me

Dancing Weeds

I walked by a field of dancing weeds, joyfully bobbing about to the tune of a windy morning. Consider the humble weed; growing in the meanest of circumstances, all grit and scrappy determination to reach toward the sky, to survive. No hothouse luxuries for them, the common man of horticulture. The difference between a flower … More Dancing Weeds

Bubbling Over

I have reached the all-too-familiar place of emotional overwhelm here at the close of this very strange school year. I know the signs well; I feel frozen, even small, normally mundane tasks seem monumental, leaving me feeling like a deflated beach ball. My mind is scattered and it is extremely difficult to concentrate, only making … More Bubbling Over