The Unmentionables

The Unmentionables Mom told the story of an unfortunate incident involving her unmentionables yesterday. It seems she was in the laundry room a while back folding clothes, when her sweet friend who had throat cancer and is unable to speak began gesturing at the front of Mom’s walker. Mom couldn’t understand what the issue was, … More The Unmentionables


Keepsakes My mother is incredibly sentimental, saving everything having to do with someone she loves. She has the very first piece of artwork I did in kindergarten…well, perhaps I shouldn’t call it ‘artwork’. It was scribbles of each color crayon that I had. At any rate, nothing is too insignificant for her to save as … More Keepsakes


Sisters This photo does a perfect job of reflecting the differences between my sister and me. It is from a visit to see Mom in Florida, first thing in the morning, me with no make-up , in jammies, holding my sweet mutt of a dog. My sister, in high contrast, carefully dressed, hair and make-up … More Sisters


Similarities The older I get, the more I look for similarities between my mom and myself. My sister and I always kid that we have a pact- if the other sister starts to act like Mom, we’re supposed to point it out, and fast. By this, we mean the not-so-good habits that I suppose every … More Similarities