When I Doubt

When I doubt my strength in moments bleak, I remember my angels, those who have gone on but left their love behind to gird me in the darkness and lead me back to the light.

Set Your Angels Free

I have clung to your wings for as long as memory allows, Whispered secret words of joy and sorrow into their downy softness, knowing without doubt they were safe in heaven’s celestial vault. My angels, my guardians of light. The time has come, though, to set your Angels free, to unleash their power upon a … More Set Your Angels Free

Additional Angels

I have long believed that there is always an army of angels looking out for us. I like to think of our loved ones who have passed as part of that brigade, tasked with protecting us, wrapping us in their angel wings to comfort us in sadness, ruffling the breeze with their joy when we … More Additional Angels

Band of Angels

   I have a secret to share with you- a pretty cool one. I played a recital last night, a chamber recital of wonderful music with great musicians to an enthusiastic crowd. I felt confident on stage and had such a good time performing. The secret? I have my own band of angels on stage … More Band of Angels