Shifting Sands

Typically, when we are at the beach it is a huge time of creative bursts for me. I get up before dawn and listen to the waves crashing and write poetry and blog posts, feeling overwhelmingly inspired, feeling the undeniable drive to write and share my thoughts. I had hoped this trip to the Emerald … More Shifting Sands

To the Sea

To the sea I go with my worries in tow and my chest all tied in a knot. Into the sea I go where the waves crash low and the salt air is healing and hot. Slowly my chest decompresses letting go of my stresses and the future’s not as scary as I thought. To … More To the Sea

Escape to the Emerald Coast: Reassurance and Rejuvenation

As I walked the pristine walkway lined by manicured lawns in the early morning light with the sound of waves crashing in the distance, I couldn’t help but become a little homesick for my Southside ‘hood that I walk each day. As crazy as it sounds,  I missed the cracked sidewalks and colorful characters, the … More Escape to the Emerald Coast: Reassurance and Rejuvenation

Altered States

   We head home this morning….I woke up at 2am, my mind flooded with the long list of responsibilities awaiting me back in Birmingham. That- along with the sunburn that snuck up on me yesterday- making me toss and turn. I did my best to focus on the sound of the waves crashing onto the … More Altered States