The Countdown: The Adventures of Stubby McGrew

My husband is the master of funny nicknames, yesterday dubbing me ‘Stubby McGrew’ as I clomped my way into the elevator at the Downtown YMCA. This is in addition to singing ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz!’ in Young Frankenstein fashion when I walk in the room. The dogs are ‘Stinky McDougal’ (Sophie) and ‘Scrubby McGoo’ (Coops), … More The Countdown: The Adventures of Stubby McGrew

On the Dangers of TMI

UAB Highlands lobby. Sadly, I know it quite well… I knew I shouldn’t have done it – what is wrong with me? I’ve now given my already over-active imagination a shot of adrenaline. Sadly, once I started reading the comments about the hardware removal surgery that I’m having done on my ankle tomorrow morning, I couldn’t … More On the Dangers of TMI