On Little Mercies

Sleeping in… Our Sunday began slowly, peacefully. Usually we are up at the crack of dawn, but Dan didn’t sleep well and I delighted in lingering in bed and cuddling with the animals as he got a few extra Z’s. Sleep has been a challenge for me of late, my mind a constant hamster on … More On Little Mercies

Valentines and Opening Your Heart in a Judgmental World

Do you see the hands over the city through the trees? I woke up very early and this immediately caught my eye and brought me comfort, making me think of my mother watching over me. I had an interesting discussion with some good friends recently about my sharing so openly my struggles with depression and … More Valentines and Opening Your Heart in a Judgmental World

Pinpoints of Light

A rainy morning with light breaking through… My mind is an interesting place to be right now. I am on day six of taking Wellbutrin to treat a depressive episode brought on by this summer of loss and heartbreak.  (I love that term  episode, knowing this is not forever), and am trying to stay very … More Pinpoints of Light