She watched as the limbs thrashed wildly against strong winds in pale light; not the joyful dance of springs past, but rather the fitful tossing of change resisted. Winter is in the air, dimly draped in fall’s cloak, leaves raining down in a shower of colorful resignation. She felt the turmoil of uncertainty vibrating deep … More Change


I was so grateful to wake up in my own cozy bed this morning, Dan beside me, Marley between us, and Shiva snoozing on my chest, after being on a brief-but-fun recital tour with my best friend and duo partner. There truly is no place like home, no matter how fun the adventure is. I … More Echoes

I Wasn’t Ready

The trees trembled, kissed by the cold wind, their leaves raining down in a riot of color. Somehow the light was different, softer, everything changing, and I wasn’t ready. I clung to the warmth of the summer past, the perfume of flowers and the joy of carefree days. I clung to my youth and to … More I Wasn’t Ready

The Call of Fall

It is still very much summer in my Alabama home, Hot and steamy, languid and slow.  The carefree days of summer vacation have long-since passed,  Life is running at full tilt yet again.  Today, however, I felt it, Felt the call of Fall as I walked my dogs through the neighborhood.  Leaves fell from weary … More The Call of Fall