Hidden Gems

In these dark days filled with uncertainty and entrenched in fear, I look for hidden gems, things I may never have noticed in my self-imposed haste of day-to-day existence. Those small moments of beauty that take your breath away when you pause long enough to really see them, as humble as a tiny flower or … More Hidden Gems

The Scorched Earth

As I look out at the scorched earth of a Southern summer, Somnolent bees nuzzling thirsty petals in the lazy breeze, I wipe the sweat from my brow, grateful for this season of life. I am in my own summer, youth no longer at my beck and call. I feel the whispers of fall, the … More The Scorched Earth

Hope Eternal

The winter has been unforgiving, Cold and bleak, Leaving spirits dampened and hope diminished. There is change in the air, though; I feel it in my bones, can taste it upon my lips. Mother Earth stretches and yawns, Her sweet breath whispering words of encouragement to a slumbering land; Wake, my children, the time has … More Hope Eternal