There are times when my heart feels filled with shards of glass, glistening and beautiful, but painful to embrace. Sometimes it is too much to take in; the worry, the pain, the heavy responsibility. My brain freezes, numbing the pain, allowing my heart time to just be. Memories of what was and dreams- or perhaps … More Shards


I was so grateful to wake up in my own cozy bed this morning, Dan beside me, Marley between us, and Shiva snoozing on my chest, after being on a brief-but-fun recital tour with my best friend and duo partner. There truly is no place like home, no matter how fun the adventure is. I … More Echoes

I Caught a Tear Drop

I caught a tear drop on my finger, sadness filling every crevice and corner of my heart. So much was contained in the glistening orb; memories of love and laughter, poignant and real, joined with those of loss and sadness, laced with regret, Beginnings and endings, melded into one. I closed my eyes and put … More I Caught a Tear Drop