On Birthdays, Grief Days, and Animal Therapy

I’m sitting on a plane, just now departing Birmingham and heading to Tampa for a busy few days of professional responsibilities- a presentation, a recruiting event, and a Board meeting for my international clarinet organization. I grew up in Tampa and spent the beginning of my career there, and I’m excited to see my sister … More On Birthdays, Grief Days, and Animal Therapy

On Memory Dances

In this time of grieving for Sophie in the last couple of days of my holiday break, I feel like I’m in limbo- ranging from feeling emotionally numb to being racked with sobs. There are reminders and triggers everywhere I look, sounds that I hear that just have to be her walking right behind me … More On Memory Dances

Upon Which Heaven Gains Another Angel: A Tail of Love

As it is New Year’s Eve, I had a very different post planned for today, but life changes in an instant, doesn’t it? Our Sunday began as it typically does, with quiet conversation and snuggle time with the animals. We treasure this one morning of the week where we can linger in bed, not having … More Upon Which Heaven Gains Another Angel: A Tail of Love

Four Mother’s Days

I remember in the days and weeks after my mother died being acutely aware of every marker of time of her passing…She’s been gone three days…She’s been gone a month now…I couldn’t imagine how the heart wrenching pain would ever subside, how I would truly be able to breathe again without feeling that part of … More Four Mother’s Days

A New Chapter

Coops… A year ago a period of loss and challenge entered into our lives; in April we lost our beloved cat Kasey to cancer with very little warning and I had a hysterectomy. In May we lost a dear friend suddenly who was like a brother to us. In June we lost our soul dog … More A New Chapter

All Souls’ Day

November first was All Souls’ Day, the day to commemorate the memory of our departed loved ones. So many precious ones gone as life seems to race by. My mother and father, oldest brother and sister, dear aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents, beloved teachers, dear, dear friends, pets; each loss leaving a tear in my … More All Souls’ Day