I feel like Medusa sometimes, The legend of old, My head filled with snakes, Those doubts and fears that keep me pinned to the ground, Keep me from breaking through to the surface, Their writhing insecurities coiled around my heart, Whispering with forked tongues, Leaving me frozen, lost in a sea of insecurity. To … More Medusa


I had a dream last night, Vivid, full of color and meaning.  I was walking on a lush, green mountain, Beauty such as I have rarely seen.  All around me flew butterflies, Butterflies of all sizes and hues.  One landed on my heart and I felt its message; “It is time for an awakening, A … More Butterflies


At almost fifty-three, I am finally realizing a pattern that continues to haunt me. It is difficult to admit that you fell not once, but several times for a certain type of behavior from people.  I think of myself as an intelligent woman, but for some reason, my personality, my soft heart, seems to draw … More Patterns