On Chance Encounters

I can’t get his face out of my mind’s eye; a petite man, painfully thin with a face pinched by struggle and clothes grimy with wear. He was sitting against the wall of the little Southside Market that Marley and I pass every morning on our walk around the ‘hood. The man said something to … More On Chance Encounters

Finding Ms. Fay

After I wrote about my emotional encounter meeting and interacting with Ms. Fay last week, a wheelchair bound homeless woman here in Birmingham, several friends reached out saying they wanted to help. Some sent money for her and others are sending clothes and items that she can use. It made my heart so happy to … More Finding Ms. Fay

Lunch with Ms. Fay

We’ve seen her sitting there in the hot Alabama sun and humidity a couple of times now. She slumps over to the side in her wheelchair, looking defeated and sad, holding a paper cup out for those who take notice of her and give her some change or a few bills. Too many walk on … More Lunch with Ms. Fay

Life Interrupted

We pulled up in front of the Downtown YMCA early this morning, both of us still a bit groggy and quiet after a hectic week and not a great night’s sleep. We were the first ones there, so we sat in Dan’s car for a few minutes to wait until the Y’s manager came to … More Life Interrupted